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Lotto 2.0 is planned for launch in approximately Q2 2023!

As a result, the token lottery is currently on hold as we are migrating to Avalanche (AVAX) network and expanding the project in the process with governance, user-made lotteries, a new GAME token and more. There will also be another large airdrop for current LOTTO holders on ETH & BSC as well as for some active AVAX users. Follow our socials for up-to-the-minute details.

How LOTTO works:
Twice per week, tokens are automagically removed from all user wallets, pooled together, and given to one user at random. Simply hold LOTTO to enter- the lottery is coded into the token itself.

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Current Entry Price
($1 worth of LOTTO using Uniswap price)
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Current Weekly Jackpot

LOTTO Winners & Information


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Lottery Date
Entry Price
Winning Address

How it works

Get LOTTO Tokens

If you're eligible, claim tokens from the airdrop or get them on an exchange like Uniswap.

Wait For Lottery

LOTTO holders will have the entry fee automatically deducted from their wallets through LOTTO's unique startGame() function and Balance Shift (B-Shift) protocol. No action is required from users in order to participate- simply hold LOTTO in your wallet!

Check Your Wallet

If you win, the jackpot LOTTO will automatically appear in your wallet!

LOTTO Airdrop
Claim Period Instructions

The LOTTO airdrop claim period is open! Navigate to the claim page below in order to acquire your LOTTO from the airdrop.

After you've claimed, join the LOTTO Official Telegram and add the LOTTO contract address to your wallet.

LOTTO contract address:


LOTTO: The Immutable World Lottery

Welcome to the world lottery of the future. This is the only lottery system built directly into an Ethereum token- the token IS the lottery. Unlike a traditional lottery where players have to continuously buy tickets for every drawing, LOTTO focuses on simplicity- just acquire the token, hold, and you'll automatically be entered into the lottery each week.

A Decentralized & Cross-Border Lottery Game

LOTTO is immutable, meaning that the lottery will run continuously and no third party can stop it from occurring. After the timelock period has passed, anyone can call the startGame() function to commence the lottery. Once started, the Balance Shift (B-Shift) protocol produces a provably-fair winner using an oracle service called Provable and then shifts user balances so that the winner receives all of the LOTTO from participants.

The winner receives 90% of the LOTTO for the lottery, while the remaining 10% is distributed to the user who calls startGame(). This provides an incentive for the lottery to be called and covers the gas fees for the transaction as well.

Questions & Answers

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How can I acquire LOTTO tokens?
Is LOTTO decentralized?
Can I split my LOTTO into multiple accounts once I receive it to increase my chances of winning the lottery?

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